Maytag 34JN3TKXW Timer Repair

What is the timer/clock part number for the Maytag 34JN3TKXW Range?

Timer part number 7601P163-60 for Maytag 34JN3TKXW

The 34JN3TKXW Range uses timer part number 7601P163-60.

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34JN3TKXW are also sometimes referred to using these Alternative Names/Model numbers

Whirlpool 34JN3TKXW Range

34JN3TKXW Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Control panel Parts diagram
34JN3TKXW Range Control panel Parts diagram
Body Parts diagram
34JN3TKXW Range Body Parts diagram
Burners Parts diagram
34JN3TKXW Range Burners Parts diagram
Doors Parts diagram
34JN3TKXW Range Doors Parts diagram

Common problems for Maytag 34JN3TKXW Timer Repair

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Have had this oven for many years. Ignitors/clickers for top burners haven't worked in forever, we just put up with it and use a flame to light them. Once lit, they work fine. For several months now, the oven has been tough to light (lights only intermittently after numerous tries - very frustrating) After searching this forum, I took out the floor of the oven and took off the flame spreader and watched the ignitor after turning oven on. Nothing glows. Although the schematic I found on the parts sight does not indicate two ignitors, there are separate ignitors for broiler and oven. Neither glows when I try them. The digital clock does work. So, what do I check first and how? I would love to have the oven/broiler and rangetop work properly.
Magic Chef oven & broiler do not work I have a problem with a Magic Chef stove. Model number 34JN3TKXW. The top burners work. The clock and timer work. The oven, broiler and self-cleaning do not work. When the oven temperature is set the little "bake on" light comes on and then the temperature indication reads 100 degrees for 15 seconds and then goes out. The broiler indication does the same thing. There is no smell of gas and the igniter does not glow. When the clean function is used the display sets for 3 hours and the "on" light comes on. After 20 seconds the display goes back to the clock and the stove beeps until the reset button is pressed.
Magic Chef 34JN-3TKXW, gas oven, has worked flawlessly for about 17 years. Recently the oven (bake burner) began to not light properly. I was told by a technician from the local propane company that it was way overdue an ignitor replacement, which I did. It lights fine now but will not heat over about 300/325 degrees, (checked with a thermometer), with the control set to max, (550), it cycles on and off but doesn't get any hotter. I replaced the temp sensor the temp sensor which made no improvement. I'm thinking the clock assy, but it's expensive and I'm concerned that the low heat problem started when I replaced the ignitor but I guess it could be a coincidence. All other clock functions work fine. Any ideas, or it is just time for a new oven?
I have a Magic Chef (sealed burners) gas oven Model #34JN-3TKXW Code ON, Serial #35C141797160 which was purchased 11/11/91. It worked perfectly all this time except now the oven doesn't reach the desired temperature. If I want 350 I have to set it at 425. I have tried three different oven temperature devices with similar results. We installed a new sensor Part # XXXXX Product Line WP and this hasn't made any difference. Where do I go from here. This also has a self cleaning oven. Jane Hess
magic chef oven model number34jn-a 3tkxw. It has been taking longer and longer to get the oven hot. I put a thermometer inside the oven and found that it does not even come close to getting to the set temp. It is getting worse. I put a new temp probe in but did not cure the problem, need help. Contact me XXXXX@XXXXXX.XXX