Frigidaire CFES387CFS5 Timer

What is the timer/clock part number for the Frigidaire CFES387CFS5 Range?

Timer part number 318012928 for Frigidaire CFES387CFS5

The CFES387CFS5 Range uses timer part number 318012928.

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CFES387CFS5 are also sometimes referred to using these Alternative Names/Model numbers

Electrolux CFES387CFS5 Range

Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Edmonton, AlbertaFrigidaireCFES387CFS5318012928NoneOven and EOC will not work. Stove operates just fine.Awaiting receipt of timer
Edmonton, AlbertaFrigidaireCFES387CFS5318012928N/Adim (poor segment contrast) displayAwaiting receipt of timer
Welland, OntarioFrigidaireCFES387CFS5318013700noneOven timer does not light or perform any functions. Stove top was still functional.Repaired
Sherbrooke, QuébecFrigidaireCFES387CFS5318013700no code (blank displLED readout is completely dark and I can ear a ''clicking'' sound when pressing the touch pad however after a few secounds it clics again (off..?) without touching any keys. All elements work fine and there is 220 coming in to the range and good voltage to the timer.Repaired
Edmonton, AlbertaFrigidaireCFES387CFS5318013700N/ADisplay is not working, oven controls are not working.Awaiting receipt of timer
Innisfil, OntarioFrigidaireCFES387CFS5UnknownNone-Blank and doesnDid not work a number of times but restarted when breaker flipped off then on after a few minutes.

That doesn't work any more.
Replaced with reconditioned timer

Common problems for Frigidaire CFES387CFS5 Timer

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Is there any way I could clean the glass that in the middle of the oven door?
I have an frigidaire gallery range/oven. The digital read out for the oven temperture is almost impossible to read as it is very very dull. What can I do to be able to view the tempertaure reading easier? Thank you Andrea

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