12001607 Magic Chef/Maytag/Kenmore Range/Stove/Oven Timer

Failure codes, problems, and resolutions for Magic Chef/Maytag/Kenmore timer model # 12001607

Magic Chef ERCs and Magic Chef stove clocks and timersMaytag ERCs and Maytag stove clocks and timersKenmore ERCs and Kenmore stove clocks and timers Manufacturer :  Magic Chef/Maytag/Kenmore
Part Number :  12001607
Appliance Type :  Range/Stove/Oven
Color : 
Description :  Electronic Range/Oven Timer

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Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Stillwater, OklahomaMaytagCFE9000BCB12001607N/AThe up button has collapsed, so it's no longer functioning.Awaiting receipt of timer
Mount Shasta, CaliforniaMaytagMaytag12001607Another Whirlpool coIntermittent digital display fades or goes completely blank.

It will come back on with using the cancel button or smacking the timer in the chops...
Awaiting receipt of timer
Makanda, IllinoisMaytagCHE 9800BCB12001607F3 and F5In the past, the "up" button on the ERC stopped working.
Recently, the oven heats to its 350 degree temperature setting, but only holds that temperature for 15-30 minutes. Then it usually generates an F-3 fault code; sometimes an F-5.
When it first started doing this, we changed the oven temperature sensor. The new sensor had no affect on our oven's behavior.
cache, OklahomaMaytagche9000bce12001607noneface is broken. up arrow no longer works. clock and other functions work but any thing that requires the up arrow botton will not work. can send old timer if there is a core requirement or it can be repairded.Awaiting receipt of timer
Kenner, LouisianaMaytagCFE9000BCB12001607N/Aup arrow on unit does not work but down does i cant higher temperature or timer or anything i can just lowerAwaiting receipt of timer
Kenner, LouisianaMaytagCFE9000BCB12001607N/Athe up arrow does not workAwaiting receipt of timer
Evans City, PennsylvaniaMagic Chef689812001607N/AOven shuts off after reaching temp, timer dings and shuts off.Awaiting receipt of timer
Crockett, TexasMagic Chef6892XVS12001607noneBake and broil elements not responding when selected on clock timerRepaired
MYRTLE BEACH, South CarolinaKenmore629.4677912001607F3, F5I have already replaced the temp probe. Sometimes the oven will run for an hour with no issue. On other occasions it will give either the F3 Or the F5 code within minutes of use. If the timer cannot be repaired, please return it.Repaired
Saskatoon, SaskatchewanNorgeNorge Gas Range12001607N/AThe displays go dark, especially when the range heats upAwaiting receipt of timer
Lowell, MichiganMaytagCHE9800BCE12001607N/AUp button no longer works.Awaiting receipt of timer
Port Coquitlam, British ColumbiaMagic Chef6498 XVS12001607N/AThe up button has collapsed, so it's no longer functioning. per my conversation with Howard this morning, this can be repaired I plan to Express Mail/Courier it to you with ReturnRepaired
Seattle, WashingtonMaytagCHE9800BCE12001607N/AThe temperature arrow up button no longer worksAwaiting receipt of timer
greenland, New HampshireKenmore12001607N/Anot workingAwaiting receipt of timer
Shreveport, LouisianaMaytagCFE9000BCB12001607F2 and then F7My oven flashed an F2 and then an F7 error code. Touchpad was very hot and Cancel key did not turn the oven off. Had to turn off at the breaker box. Repairman said part was discontinued so I'm sending this part to be repaired.Awaiting receipt of timer
PINEVILLE, LouisianaMaytagCFE9000BCB12001607LIGHT FADES IN/OUTI have a Maytag CFE9000BCB model electric oven. the closk area (part # 12001607) fades in/out. I am told this is part of the control board. I would like a replacement. If you are able to send a replacement, I will gladly send you my old one so you can repair for someone else.Awaiting receipt of timer
Easton, PennsylvaniaMaytagche9800bce12001607N/ALED display no longer works. Keypad functions still seem to be working.Repaired
Collegeville, PennsylvaniaMagic Chef5898VVA12001607N/ADisplay not showingAwaiting receipt of timer
Wichita, KansasMagic Chef5892 V V V12001607N/AReadout goes dim or off. You can press on it and it might come on but not reliable, once the stove heats up you can not see the control at all even if you press on it. The control seemed to operate the stove ok until recently, now it either under heats or over heats from the set temperature.Repaired
Westerly, Rhode IslandWhirlpoolMaytag 5898VVV12001607nonedamaged pushbutton tab on caseAwaiting receipt of timer
Broomall, PennsylvaniaMaytagCHE9800BCE12001607N/AOven Control Board 12001607 for Maytag CHE9800BCE is not functioning: Clock not operating - blank, Temperature for oven is not displaying nor can it be adjusted.
IF Replacement/reconditioned timer is available please let us know!
Broomall, PennsylvaniaMaytagCHE9800BCE12001607N/AOven Control Board 12001607 for Maytag CHE9800BCE is not functioning: Clock not operating - blank, Temperature for oven is not displaying nor can it be adjusted.
IF Replacement/reconditioned timer is available please let us know!
Slippery Rock, PennsylvaniaMaytagCHE9800BCE12001607N/AThe clock/controls will only allow 350 degree pre heat. The up arrow touch pad on the oven temperature set does not work.Awaiting receipt of timer
Elma, WashingtonMaytagCHE9800BCE12001607N/AUp button recessed into housingAwaiting receipt of timer
Sheridan, ArkansasKenmore629.467796912001607N/AThe button with the arrow up that makes the temp high is no longer working.Awaiting receipt of timer
moss point, MississippiMagic Chef12001607N/Awill not workAwaiting receipt of timer
Haslet, TexasMagic Chef6898vvv12001607none this timeoven temp up button has failed, cannot feel any resistance, cannot adjust oven temp. If you do not have one for sale, we then would like ours to be repaired if possible. This is not the original control panel, it is the 3rd one for this oven and I see we cannot just order one from the suppliers any longer. Oven is 18 years old and this part is the only thing that ever goes wrong with it and this time my wife didn't spill liquid down the front causing the panel to fry.Awaiting receipt of timer
Utopia, TexasMaytagKenmore 629.467512001607E-7. Not positive, 4IThis is the original clock, I replaced it 4 years ago with a new one, it is acting up
now. I think the only problem the one I am sending in was the oven not working, but
like I said it has been 4 years and my memory is not that good.
Tyler, TexasKenmore629.4576912001607face goes blanktimer face goes blank and will return to normal after pressing other buttonsAwaiting receipt of timer
kenner, LouisianaMaytag12001607N/Aup arrow button does not workAwaiting receipt of timer
Tallahassee, FloridaKenmore12001607N/Aup arrow does not workAwaiting receipt of timer
Newcastle, WyomingMaytagCHE9800BCE12001607F1 plus moreWhen oven it turned on it will start to heat and then go into fault code, not always at the same point while heating. if you hit cancel or the oven button some time it will clear it and it will heat for a while again, but then go into fault again. The oven fan comes on and sometimes stays on. If you tap on the face of the timer it will go out, all of this of course after it has cooled down. I have all ready replaced the main board with all the relays on it with a brand new one.Repaired
Cobble Hill, British ColumbiaNorgeL6898VYV12001607unknownThere is no visible display. The buttons beep when pressed, but the display appears to be broken.Repaired
Orefield, PennsylvaniaMaytagCHE9800BCB12001607N/AUp arrow to increase temperature does not functionAwaiting receipt of timer
Edmonton, AlbertaMagic Chef6898VVV12001607N/AScreen works intermittently.Repaired
Gahanna, OhioMagic Chef6892VVA12001607N/AGenerally no display. May appear awhile after oven heats. Some times ceases to function if oven is used several timesAwaiting receipt of timer
Amherstburg, OntarioMaytag6498 xvs12001607N/AUp arrow will not workAwaiting receipt of timer
Whitinsville, MassachusettsMaytagCHE9800BCB12001607NONEDisplay illumination became intermittent ~ 2 yrs ago. Pushing on panel 'fixed' it, for months at first, then for shorter time. Finally, hard to get any display illumination.
Have never had a code or any other problem.

(Wife needs it for Thanksgiving!)
Timer inspected, no repairs necessary
GLENDALE, ArizonaMagic Chef7858xvw12001607N/Atimer keypad does not work cannot turn on oven,at allRepaired
glendale, ArizonaMagic Chef7858xvw12001607N/Aplease see if you have a reconditioned control panel i can purchase from you,if you're not able to repair my panel,,Repaired
GLENDALE, ArizonaMagic Chef7858xvw12001607N/Aoven on button not working,and the temp up and down buttons also dont work timer is still under warranty also,,thank youBeyond Repair
St. Petersburg, FloridaMaytagCHE9800BCE slide-in electric oven12001607No failure codeup arrow no longer works, Oven continues to work at 350 degrees and lower as down arrow continues to work.

Oven timer button no longer works
Concord, North CarolinaKenmore629.4677912001607Up Arrow for oven teUp Arrow for oven temperature collapseAwaiting receipt of timer