WB27K5107 General Electric/Kenmore Range (Stove, Oven) Timer

Failure codes, problems, and resolutions for General Electric/Kenmore timer model # WB27K5107

General Electric (GE) ERCs and General Electric (GE) stove clocks and timersKenmore ERCs and Kenmore stove clocks and timers Manufacturer :  General Electric/Kenmore
Part Number :  WB27K5107
Appliance Type :  Range (Stove, Oven)
Color : 
Description :  (part number WB27K5107 replaced with WB27K5140)

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Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Falls Church, VirginiaGeneral ElectricJRP14WB27K5107F1F1 fault with beep - persistent.Beyond Repair
Linden, AlabamaKenmore9114742994WB27K5107F-1oven comes on starts to heat up and fault occurs might 5 minutes or 15Beyond Repair
MURRELLS INLET, South CarolinaGeneral Electricjsp26gp4adwb27k5107f-1f-1Replaced with reconditioned timer
Marion, ArkansasGeneral ElectricJSP28GPWB27K5107F1F1 error messageReplaced with reconditioned timer
Niceville, FloridaKenmore9114552192WB27K5107F1Per Howard Simons, timer P/N 254318 is in stock and will work in my rangeReplaced with reconditioned timer
BURLESON, TexasKenmore911.4552092WB27K5107F1BEEPS AND FLASHES ERROR CODE F1.Awaiting receipt of timer
Annapolis, MarylandGeneral Electric911.4132993WB27K5107F1Continuously beeps F1 error code. Happened once before a few months but quit by itself. Now it won't quit, even after unplugging oven for several hours.Awaiting receipt of timer
Boulder, ColoradoGeneral ElectricJSP31GOP4WHWB27K5107F-1F-1 failure code oven will not work.Beyond Repair
Minnetonka, MinnesotaGeneral ElectricJ MP31WOR2WHWB27K5107F1Blinks F1 code after power has been applied for a minute or twoRepaired
Rosenberg, TexasKenmore911.4652092WB27K5107?????Cannot heat the oven.When setting the desired temp. the timer doesn't start at 100*, just starts at a random temp. and shortly shows the desired temp. but actually does not heat the oven at all. We replaced the elements but the problem still exists.Repaired
Mechanicsville, VirginiaGeneral ElectricJMP28G0P1ADWB27K5107DEAD-NO DISPLAYTimer Dead-No display. I replaced this timer in 2008. Printed on the box was the part number WB27K5073. When it crapped out last week I noticed on the timer it was
West Columbia, South CarolinaGeneral ElectricJDP39W0T1WWWB27K5107F1F1 error and continuous beepingRepaired
Highland, MichiganGeneral ElectricWB27K5107F1F1 code and continuous beepingBeyond Repair
Foster, Rhode IslandGeneral Electricjsp39wot1wwwb27k5107N/ATimer is physically damaged beyond repairAwaiting receipt of timer
Florence, AlabamaKenmore911.4554590WB27K5107F1F1 is displayed and it beeps. Beeping will stop if oven is turned on. Oven seems to work properly. If oven is turned off it displays F1 and beeps again. Have to disconnect power to shut off beep. Would like to buy replacement part # WB27K5107 but Sears says it is not available.Awaiting receipt of timer
South Windsor, ConnecticutGeneral ElectricJSP38G0T1BBWB27K5107F1F1 code when power is connected.Beyond Repair
tupelo, MississippiKenmore911.4552092wb27k5107N/Ait wouldnt start heating and say it was heated on 350 but it was only around150. i took it out and put it back in then it said latchRepaired
Kansas City, MissouriGeneral ElectricJRP14GWB27K5107F1 Continuous ChimeDisplays Code F1 and the chime will not reset.Beyond Repair
Glastonbury, ConnecticutGeneral ElectricJSASAGWB27K5107F1starts beeping and takes a long time to cook.Awaiting receipt of timer
tyler, TexasKenmoreWB27K5107N/Acontrol will set temp and right before preheat unit will reset it itself or you can tap it and control will reset, short somewhereRepaired
Rosenberg, TexasKenmore911.4652092WB27K5107?????Cannot heat the oven.When setting the desired temp. the timer doesn't start at 100*, just starts at a random temp. and shortly shows the desired temp. but actually does not heat the oven at all. We replaced the elements but the problem still exists.Repaired
tupelo, MississippiKenmore911.4552092wb27k5107N/Athe oven comes on but want reach and maintain the temp. it says its onRepaired
Huntsville, AlabamaGeneral ElectricJRP15WOT1WWWB27K5107F-1Awaiting receipt of timer
Santa Barbara, CaliforniaKenmore91144042592WB27K5107F1The electronic control unit beeping non stop.Repaired
Tacoma, WashingtonGeneral ElectricJDP36GOT1ADWB27K5107f-1nonresponsive / beeps loudlyBeyond Repair
Fenton, MissouriGeneral ElectricJSP31GP4WHWB27K5107N/AOven does not heat above 200 degrees. Repairman said timer is badRepaired
LONGVIEW, TexasGeneral ElectricJDP39WDR5WHWB27K5107N/AFirst indication was when selecting bake the circuit would drop out within seconds. A second or third try would operate. This progressed to the point that time bake and broil are inoperative.Repaired
Cumberland, Rhode IslandKenmore9119652192WB27K5107F1Oven does not turn on at allAwaiting receipt of timer
Everett, WashingtonGeneral ElectricJSP39GOS2WGWB27K5107F1Unit gives a continuous beep wit F1 error message.

Initially I am inquiring whether you have a reconditioned unit in stock. If so, how much is it? If not available in stock, what are my options?
Awaiting receipt of timer
Dalton, GeorgiaGeneral ElectricJDP39WOR5WHWB27K5107NoneActual oven temp will not reach near what panel readout shows it to be. Example: Set oven temp to 450 and 450 will roll up on the display quickly and kick oven off. Actual oven temp will be between 150 & 200 and won't get any hotterAwaiting receipt of timer
Walnutport, PennsylvaniaKenmore9114742994wb27k5107bake element wont coall functions operate except Bake!!!Repaired
Spfd, MissouriKenmoreWb27k5107F1F1 beepingAwaiting receipt of timer
Valdosta, GeorgiaGeneral ElectricJMP28GOT1ADWB27K5107F1Error code F1 appears on display. Beeping alarm goes off and continues until power is turned off. No oven or timer functions work. Range top still works despite alarm.Repaired
Perry, FloridaGeneral ElectricJRP15WOP3WGWB27K5107F1Beep incessantly unless you keep the power off. If you don't turn the oven on within seconds of connecting it to power, it won't turn on, but just keeps beeping with the F code flashing.Awaiting receipt of timer
El Nido, CaliforniaKenmoreWB27K5107Noneyou can set the oven temperature but then oven temp display shuts off. Oven does not heat up bake or broil.Repaired
greenbrier, TennesseeSearswb27k5107N/Awon't control tempAwaiting receipt of timer
PENDLETON, South CarolinaGeneral ElectricJSP26GT1WHWB27K5107F1Beeps with F1 error. Tried to unplug and wait but no help.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Campbellsville, KentuckyKenmore911 4742996WB27K5107F2 F3When heated the F2 and /or F3 codes will sound and the oven is turned off. Temperature probe sensor has been replaced and ohms out correctly. The original also ohmed out correctly. After it sits out all night, sometimes it will work. Checked with Fluke meter, temperature is accurate plus 10%. Seems to drop 50 decree and then heats make to temp and is pretty accurate when it is working. You may call 270-403-6919, Scott.Repaired
CINNAMINSON, New JerseyGeneral ElectricJSP40AS2AGWB27K5107F1Timer shows F1 code and beeps continuously. Only way to stop beeping was to disconnect power. Beeping and F1 error return about 30 seconds after power is restored.Repaired
Spfd, MissouriKenmoreWb27k5107F1F1 beepingAwaiting receipt of timer
north Port, FloridaGeneral ElectricJSP39GS2WGWB27K5107N/Atemperature wrong on oven even with two new sensorsRepaired
OWOSSO, MichiganGeneral ElectricJRP14GOT1BBWB27K5107F1F1 CODE WILL NOT CLEAR.Repaired
Renton, WashingtonKenmore9914654590WB27K5107F-1F-1 fault, constant beeping. Tried disconnecting for awhile and powering back up, but problem persists.Repaired
Fairview, PennsylvaniaKenmore911.4652192WB27K5107f-1beep quit and unit quitworking atallRepaired
Laurinburg, North CarolinaKenmore911-4554190WB27K5107F1F1 errorRepaired
Indian Harbour Beach, FloridaGeneral ElectricJSP26GP4ADWB27K5107NonePRESENT PROBLEM: When CLEAN, BROIL or BAKE is selected, timer will not go to these modes; other modes work.
FIRST PROBLEM: Selecting CLEAR/OFF would not turn oven off; required to cycle oven circuit breaker in house panel-board to turn oven off. This 1st problem lasted several days, then range returned to normal operation for several days, followed by present problem.
Enfield, ConnecticutGeneral ElectricJSP38GS4BGWB27K5107F1F1 code and beeping.Repaired
Fairview, PennsylvaniaKenmore911.4652092WB27K5107f-1steady beep when oven had been used until it cooled down
then it finally quit heating oven at all
Oklahoma City, OklahomaKenmore9114042592WB27K5107no codeTemp Sensor has been replaced and oven still does not get to or hold temperature.Repaired
Oklahoma City, OklahomaKenmore9114042592WB27K5107no codeTemp Sensor has been replaced and oven still does not get to or hold temperature.Repaired
owosso, MichiganGeneral Electricwb27k5107f1f1 code cannot be clearedRepaired
Enfield, ConnecticutGeneral ElectricJSP38GGS4BGWB27K5107F1F1 code and beepingRepaired
Pierson, FloridaGeneral ElectricJRP14GP4BGWB27k5107F1Beeps constantly and displays an F0 or an F1 error code. Cannot be cleared.Repaired
Overland Park, KansasGeneral ElectricWB27K5107F1F1 error code and oven beepsAwaiting receipt of timer
Richmond Hts, OhioKenmore911-4832993WB27K5107N/AWon't stop beepingRepaired
Cumming, GeorgiaGeneral ElectricJDP39WRWB27K5107F1F1 error code, constantly beepsRepaired
SUNBURY, OhioKenmore911.4672994WB27K5107F1F1 failure code, incessant beeping.Awaiting receipt of timer
Lexington, North CarolinaGeneral Electricjsp31gop4whwb27k5107display not workingdisplay is not workingAwaiting receipt of timer
dudley, GeorgiaKenmore9114042592wb27k5107N/Aoven would not heatAwaiting receipt of timer
Arkadelphia, ArkansasGeneral ElectricJMP28GT1WB27K5107Noneselect bake or broil. oven comes on for few seconds then cuts off. have felt the elements and they start to heat before oven cuts off. the internet research I have found indicates a timer problem, but no error codes. if you do not have a timer for this oven in stock, I can ship mine for repair. Prefer to buy one since its probably faster. Thank you.Repaired
Arlington, VirginiaGeneral ElectricSpacemakerWB27K5107UnknownDigital readout functions as a timer or clock, but will not turn on heat in oven.Repaired
Annapolis, MarylandGeneral ElectricJRP14GOP3BGWB27K5107F -1The Oven started beeping. The F1 failure code was flashing on the face.
I had an appliance company come out to look at it. They could not repair it.
My question : what if i have it repaired, you send it back and it doesn't work when I have it reinstalled ? If it's beyond hope, does the warrenty cover my cost of your repairing ?
Elm Grove, LouisianaKenmore911.4652092WB27K5107F1F1 fault unless oven temp is setAwaiting receipt of timer
tupelo, MississippiSearswb27k5107N/Atemp. says 350 but don't get but 150Awaiting receipt of timer
stockbridge, GeorgiaGeneral ElectricJRP14GOP4BGWB27K5107N/Apunch in 200degrees--element barely gets worm. punch in 550 degrees elements begin to heat up 4 to 5 seconds oven beeps as thou it has reached 550 degrees. installed new WB21X5301 sensor asm. did not solve problem.
would like for you to test control and see if it is ok.
Cincinnati, OhioGeneral Electricjrp14g0p4bgwb27k5107f1does not workAwaiting receipt of timer
Statesville, North CarolinaGeneral ElectricJDP39WB27K5107F-1When turning oven off, error code F-1 flashes in addition to beeping.Awaiting receipt of timer
Richmond Hts, OhioKenmore911-4832993WB27K5107N/AWon't stop beepingRepaired
Lakeview, OhioSears911.4042993wb27k5107temp to lowtemp in oven not accurate.Awaiting receipt of timer
Spring Valley, CaliforniaGeneral Electric911.4674990WB27K5107F1F1 error codeAwaiting receipt of timer
Park City, KentuckyGeneral Electricjmp31wor2whwb27k5107f1starts up when gets warm f-1 code startsAwaiting receipt of timer
Rock Hill, South CarolinaGeneral Electricwb27k5107N/AWhen you set the desired temperature the oven heats up and beeps when the temperature supposely reached. But oven the takes to long to cook something.Repaired
Crystal Falls, MichiganKenmore47429WB27K5107U/Kthis is my mother in laws stove she says " clock kept time OK, I would put it to bake and it would stay on for maybe a minute or so, everything lit up like it was working, go to 100 degrees and then it would go off", She had a, Sears repair guy look and his comment to me was "it would start and then shut off" and that we needed to find a new timer and to use the internet to find a replacement.Repaired
Yelm, WashingtonRoperKenmorewb27k5107f1Kenmore range model #911.4554190, error code F1 with persistent beeping (turned off breaker to stop it, attempted to turn back on next day, still beeps). I have partly taken apart range, but obviously not smart enough to figure out how to get this portion apart. Have called handy man for assistance, he stated that with replacement part, he could do it.Awaiting receipt of timer
Loranger, LouisianaGeneral ElectricJMP29G0T1BBWB27K5107N/AThe stove was in a flood.Awaiting receipt of timer
Richmond, VirginiaGeneral ElectricJRP14GOP4BGWB27K5107N/AThe oven will not get hot enoughRepaired
Quincy, IllinoisGeneral ElectricJSP28GP4BGWB27K5107wont keep temperaturwon't keep temperature, already replaced thermostat and oven coil.Awaiting receipt of timer
Richmond, VirginiaGeneral ElectricJRP14GOP4BGWB27K5107N/AThe oven will not get hot enoughRepaired