318010701 Frigidaire/Electrolux/Kenmore Range/Stove/Oven Timer

Failure codes, problems, and resolutions for Frigidaire/Electrolux/Kenmore timer model # 318010701

Frigidaire ERCs and Frigidaire stove clocks and timersElectrolux ERCs and Electrolux stove clocks and timersKenmore ERCs and Kenmore stove clocks and timers Manufacturer :  Frigidaire/Electrolux/Kenmore
Part Number :  318010701
Appliance Type :  Range/Stove/Oven
Color :  Black
Description :  Clock/Timer,Eoc

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Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Almonte, OntarioFrigidaire318010701N/AF1 code intermitantly, even when face is disconnectedReplaced with reconditioned timer
Regina, SaskatchewanFrigidaireCFEB786JGS2318010701n/aOven doesn't bake, yet element reads 25 ohms so it's okay.
Also temp reading you can barely see. It was brighter when new, now you can hardly adjust temp especially at certain times of the day.
Niagara falls, OntarioFrigidairecdeb30s8cc2318010701noneBroil ok, bake not working no power at E7 baRepaired
Gatineau, QuébecFrigidairecfeb786jgb3318010701F-3I replaced the oven probe, checked the resistance which is ok (1100 ohms at room temperature) but still getting an F-3 error code.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Hemmingford, QuébecFrigidaireCFEB786JGB318010701F1Keypad frozen, cannot stop buzzing sound following power surge.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Oakville, OntarioFrigidaireCFEB389WEC7318010701F-3F-3 frequently occurs, getting worse till now F-3 appears within 5 minutes of oven start.
Removed Control unit and cleaned with rubbing alcohol. Worked better for a few days then failed again. Took back off and checked probe - checks OK @ 1K Ohm
montreal, QuébecFrigidaireCPEB30S8AC1318010701no failure code, jusThe display was working but the oven was not reaching its target temperature. i turned the oven off and on again and heard a POP and the display went DEAD. Just a little note about the type of service preferred...i'd like to rebuild my timer or buy a rebuilt from you whichever is CHEAPER. ThanksRepaired
Kingston, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7AB1318010701No Code but display Center four buttons operating as one can hear relay energize but will not display temp or "beep" as per usual - will not heat.
All other buttons operate correctly.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Kirkland, QuébecFrigidaireCPEB30S8AC2318010701F3No elements would heat up, and then it would notify F3, but then when opened the box, the electronics just stopped working.Repaired
mirabel, QuébecFrigidaire318010701N/Aonly broil works. had someone come over and he says the relay is broken for the oven part ( i think it is the relay)Repaired
Toronto, OntarioFrigidaireCPEB30S8CC1318010701N/AI spoke with Howard and I will be dropping it in and then picking it up the same day (August 31, 2010).Repaired
Laval, QuébecFrigidaireFrigidaire318010701N/AGet 2 codes can't remember which ones, but basically the oven would just shut off when it would get hot and at that point when I would push on the keypad buttons they wouldn\t work and would be hardRepaired
Pierrefonds, QuébecFrigidaireCGEB27S7AS1318010701nonedoesn't heat completely (only 120 on one side of element)
output of bake relay doesn't go to 120v at e7 ... suspect relay defective
Dollard des Ormeaux, QuébecFrigidaire318010701N/ADoes not light upReplaced with reconditioned timer
Rocky Mountain House, AlbertaFrigidaireGallery318010701N/Aloose power to unit approx once weekReplaced with reconditioned timer
Hanmer, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7CS1318010701F1Getting F1 ERROR, Light staying on, oven turns on for 5 seconds then turns off with F1 error.Repaired
Calgary, AlbertaFrigidaireCPEB3058CC2318010701noneI had a qualified service technician come to the house and test the oven. He advises that the clock/timer/EOC is not working properly. I would like to have it fixed.Repaired
west kelowna, British ColumbiaFrigidairecgeb27s7cb1318010701f1oven will not properly heat, baking element will not come oneRepaired
ste agathe des monts, QuébecFrigidairecgeb27s7cs1318010701f1 f3when ever we use the oven, after a while the failure code F3 and F1appearsTimer inspected, no repairs necessary
Richmond Hill, OntarioFrigidaire318010701Stopped working no dTimer stopped working. There is no display at all. There is power to the range but clock does not function.Repaired
Val-des-monts, QuébecFrigidaireCGEB27S7AB1318010701noneOven will not heat on bake cycle. Broil heats very well. As instructed by your technician I switched leads on Broil relay with bake relay and activated broil and the bake element heated. Repeated same by switching bake lead to broil relay and activated bake and the broil element remained cold.Repaired
Wawa, OntarioFrigidairecgeb27s7c13318010701N/ABake doesn't work.Repaired
Paquetville, New BrunswickFrigidaireelectrolux318010701N/Athe lower and upper element are not workingRepaired
Mississauga, OntarioFrigidaire318010701N/AOven works only on broiler mode but not on the bake mode.Repaired
Nanaimo, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCGEB30S8CS1318010701F1Oven never heats up past 220F. Broil still works though.Repaired
gatineau, QuébecFrigidairecpeb30s8cc2318010701noneBroil ok, bake not workingRepaired
Hanmer, OntarioFrigidaire318010701F1Getting F1 Error, oven light is staying on , when turning on oven it stays on for about 5 seconds and then faults to F1Awaiting receipt of timer
Hanmer, OntarioFrigidaire318010701F1Getting F1 Error, oven light is staying on , when turning on oven it stays on for about 5 seconds and then faults to F1Awaiting receipt of timer
Richmond Hill, OntarioFrigidaire318010701Stopped working no dTimer stopped working. There is no display at all. There is power to the range but clock does not function.Repaired
Laval, QuébecFrigidaireCGEB27S7CS1318010701N/Abake does'nt workRepaired
west kelowna, British ColumbiaWhirlpoolcgeb27s7cb1318010701F1bake element does not operate, F1 code. Repleaced lower baking element prior, did not fix problem. Oven does not heat to set temp. No moisture problems.Repaired
Ottawa, OntarioFrigidaire318010701N/AAwaiting receipt of timer
Bedford, Nova ScotiaFrigidaire318010701NoneProblem Symptoms:
1. No heat to the Bake Element when the Bake front panel switch selected.
2. No heat when the Convection Bake front panel switch selected (the convection fan does run).
3. There is heat on the Broil Element when the Broil front panel switch is selected.

What I’ve done thus far which has lead me to believe it is the Electronic Control unit:
1. Measured the AC input to the stove from the junction box to ensure the 220VAC mains connection was okay
2. Measured for AC across the connection wires to the bake heating element after pressing the “Bake” front panel switch. No AC present. (Is this a valid test?)
3. Inspected all connections to / from and careful visual inspection of Control Unit (nothing obvious was seen).
4. Tested for continuity across outputs from the "bake" relay; there is NO continuity across the bake relay outputs when the “Bake” switch was selected on the front panel. Relay does not close the contact when energized.
Wawa, OntarioFrigidaire318010701N/ABake won't workRepaired
Hillier, OntarioFrigidaireCFEB789 JGB3318010701F1continuous beeping . Resetting electricity and quick depression of buttons allows all functions to work, but beeping resumes upon completion of baking broiling etc. F1 displayed.Repaired
RR#1 Wilsonville, OntarioElectroluxCBEB27S7CB2318010701noneclock and controls not working/ burned outRepaired
Val d'Amour, New BrunswickFrigidaireCFEB786JGS3318010701N/AOven doesn't heat on Convect bakeAwaiting receipt of timer
BIBLE HILL, Nova ScotiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/Aoven not heating.Repaired
Fredericton, New BrunswickFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/ABake element sometimes heats for a short time (2-3 minutes) and then the oven just stays at the same temperature. The broil element does throw some heat during the cycle but just enough to keep the temperature constant. If the oven is on broil, the broil element does glow. I checked the element for continuity and resistance and it is good. I checked for power to the oven and I do get 240V. With the oven partly pulled out, I noticed that the bake element does sometimes start glowing when I tap on the bake relay behind the board. (I wish I could just swap that relay for a new one to check!)
This symptom does seem to be quite common. By the way, I did check the thermal breaker and there is no problem there (except no power reaching it when the bake element is supposed to be on)
Dartmouth, Nova ScotiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701n/aDoor lock motor remains energized and door is locked and cooling fan running all the time. Oven probe resistance measured at 1082 ohms (room temperature / 20C). A few weeks ago the wife noticed a audible "beep" intermittently sounding from the oven accompanied with a Fxx code. Like many other woman, she can't remember what code it was !!!! I'm guessing it had to do with over temperature?

Thanks for your help,

Mike Henri
Zone Manager - Honda Canada Inc.
Halifax, NS
Timer inspected, no repairs necessary
Balgonie, SaskatchewanKenmorec970-418826318010701noneBroil does not workAwaiting receipt of timer
St. Catharines, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7AB1318010701no code displayedBottom burner does not heat up.
Top burner is fine.
On broil is fine.
Clock works, tells correct time.
Convection wheel spins.
BIBLE HILL, Nova ScotiaFrigidairecfeb386jgb2318010701N/Af3 error code.Repaired
Stony Plain, AlbertaFrigidaireCPEB30S8CC2318010701N/ABroil will not work. I have checked element continuity - good, and wiring continuity between the board and the element - also good. If you have a reconditioned board I would like it. Once I've swapped the board I can send in my old board. Please advise if you have and price.

Thanks, Noel
Awaiting receipt of timer
Gatineau, QuébecElectroluxCPEB30S8CC2318010701N/AThe bottom element does not come on any more even though I installed a new oneRepaired
Warkworth, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701Has none.Bottom element is not working. Had a service tech look at the oven. Timer / clock has failed.Repaired
St. John's, Newfoundland and LabradorFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB2318010701N/AOven not heating on Bake option. The broil option is working. The display lights are working fine aswell. Technician checked oven and stated the circuit board relay is burnt out.Repaired
Barrie, OntarioFrigidaireCPEB30S8AC2318010701N/AInitially when on bake, temp wouldn't get above 275 degrees. Now there is nothing.

If you can't fix it can I buy this module from you?
Awaiting receipt of timer
Oro-Medonte, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB318010701?bake and broil has not worked for some time unless convection selected.
after about 6 months using convection option this also now does not work. oven heats up to about 150 F only.
Carleton Place, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701n/aBroiler doesn't work. Have had it diagnosed that the timer/relay is the problem. I would be interested in a reconditioned one if new is not available.Repaired
Gorham, OntarioFrigidaireCPEB30S8CC2318010701none, bottom elementBottom element stopped working, no warning signs. Bottom element has been tested and works, just not in my oven. Everything I read and the repairmen I talk to say it is the timer. Hope you can help.Repaired
Sarnia, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7AB1318010701N/ANOT FUNCTIONINGAwaiting receipt of timer
Clarenville, Newfoundland and LabradorKenmoreC970-415852318010701N/ADisplay has been going dim for a few years now but oven worked fine. Then all of a sudden nothing works on the oven only the oven light. Checked power to terminal block, 240 volts. checked power going to the board and seems ok.Repaired
West St. Paul, ManitobaFrigidaireCPEB30S8CC2318010701N/ABake and Convection do not work. Broil does work. K2 open on board. Jumpered L1 and BA to test. Bake and convection did work when jumped.Repaired
St-barnabe-sud, QuébecFrigidaireCPEB30S8CC2318010701NoneBottom element not heating. Replaced element did not solve issue. Verified continuity on old element and shows continuity. Tested voltage on the leads. 120 on one lead and nothing on the other. Most likely culprit is the relay on the timer needs to be replaced.Repaired
toronto, OntarioFrigidairecgeb27s7cb1318010701F3upper element stays on after oven has reached required temperature. and F3 is displayed. Checked temperature probe,and reads 1087 ohms, when cold, appears to be OK, harness seems to be OK, no signs of shorting out.Awaiting receipt of timer
Medicine Hat, AlbertaElectrolux318010701N/ABake element not workingRepaired
Langley, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CS1318010701N/Ano heat on bakeRepaired
Maple Ridge, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7AS1318010701N/AThe oven still works but the broiler element will not heat up. I had the broiler element out of the oven and had it checked. The element is in good working order. When I called your company I spoke with Howard and he thinks the problem is in the timer.Repaired
Fort ST John, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCFEB786JGB3318010701F1 & F3works normal ,then trips on F1, I removed the display ribbon then it tripped on F3. Normally tripping on F1 every time we use it.Repaired
Etobicoke, OntarioFrigidaireCPEB30S8AC2318010701N/ANo heat to upper & lower element on bake,broil or convection settings! 220Vac to controller board-OK. Continuity test on both elements-OK. Thermal breaker reset-OK. Temp probe (1Kohm @ room temp)-OK. Checked all wiring-OK.Repaired
Montréal, QuébecFrigidaireCGEB27S7CS1318010701NOTHINGBAKE DOESN'T WORK
Montréal, QuébecFrigidairecgeb27s7cs1318010701N/ABake element only receiving 53 volts instead of 220vRepaired
Calgary, AlbertaFrigidairePLEB30S8CC or CPEB30S8CC318010701F3Heard a pop while cooking, and everything stopped working. Except the interior oven light when you open the oven door. Upon taking the oven apart, and having the breaker off and on, the clock started up, and then the F3 code appeared when pushing any oven controls. The Temp. sensor probe and wiring are testing fine. There is a burn mark between the 2 circuit boards. Hope you can fix it.Beyond Repair
Grimsby, OntarioFrigidaireCFEB386JGBI318010701F1 & F3Oven heats up but in short time give error code. Was F1 one time then gave F3. I replaced temperature sensor within the last 2 years.Repaired
Regina, SaskatchewanFrigidaireCGEB27S7CS1318010701NONEAppears to work except no power to lower bake element. Element OK, and broiler, convection OK.Repaired
Calgary, AlbertaFrigidaireCPEB30S8CC2318010701N/AEverything works except the bake function (lower element).Repaired
Surrey, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCPEB30S8AC1318010701no code occuringDigital display intermittently goes dark and total loss of controls. If you bump it or close oven door it will sometimes regain display and controls.Loss of power can last for a few minutes up to several hours. At this point, display will not come on at all.Repaired
Chestermere, AlbertaFrigidaire318010701N/Ano bakeRepaired
Winnipeg, ManitobaFrigidaireCPEB30S8CC2318010701No failure codeBake element will not warm past 200 degreesRepaired
Saint-Ambroise-de-Kildare, QuébecFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB2318010701NoneSometimes 0.K but mainy time it is very long to reach the good
temperature (or not).
Temperature sensor (probe) was changed without amelioration.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Fort Vermilion, AlbertaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701NONELower element not heating. Timer had a blackened and disconnected contact which I re-soldered. This did not resolve the issue. everything else works fine.Awaiting receipt of timer
Mount Pearl, Newfoundland and LabradorFrigidaire318010701N/Abottom element not turning on/wrong oven tempertureRepaired
St-Lazare, QuébecFrigidaire318010701f1 f3Stops heatingAwaiting receipt of timer
BIBLE HILL, Nova ScotiaFrigidairecgeb275318010701N/Awon't heat BrownRepaired
Rockwood, OntarioFrigidaireCPEB30S8CC2318010701N/ABake element won't work.Awaiting receipt of timer
Calgary, AlbertaFrigidaireCFEB386JGB2318010701N/ADisplay is dim and very hard to read.Repaired
Mont-Tremblant, QuébecFrigidaireCGEB27S7CS1318010701NOTHINGFOUR CHAUFFE PAS, NO HEATINGRepaired
BIBLE HILL, Nova ScotiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/Aoven won't heat
Customer - Samantha Gallant
Montreal, QuébecFrigidairecpeb30s8cc2318010701N/Abottom element not working,top element is workingRepaired
St. Catharines, OntarioFrigidaireCFEB389WEC7318010701F1 and F3F3 code appears every once in a while; occasional F1 code appears; replaced temp. sensor probe but codes still appeared. Checked sensor independently - it showed a resistance reading of 1080 ohms (at room temp); checked sensor while connected to wire harness at EOC end - it also showed 1080 ohms.Repaired
saint-jerome, QuébecFrigidairecgeb27s7asi318010701no failure codethe bake element does not working , the broil element workingRepaired
Peachland, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7C318010701N/Aoven is a convection wall-mounting type
no error codes, display seems to be fine.
oven bake heats up VERY slow and doesn't get fully hot
on bake cycle - lower bake element stays cold, back convection element stays cold, upper broil element gets warm

on convection cycle - lower bake element stays cold, back convection element stays cold, fan works and seems fine

on broil cycle - lower bake element stays cold, back convection element stays cold, upper broil element gets red hot
Richmond, British ColumbiaElectroluxCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/AOven does not heat. Clock works but when oven button pressed it shows the temperature selected but does not heat then displays 100F oven on. A clicking sound can be heard but no heating is noted.Repaired
calgary, AlbertaFrigidairecgeb27s7cb1318010701N/AI will send the faulty timer after I receive the reconditioned one from you for the credit.
thank you
Delta, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCPEB30S8AC2318010701N/AOven doesnt get avove 350 degreesReplaced with new in-stock timer
LA TUQUE, QuébecFrigidaireCF786JGS2318010701N/AtEMPERATURE DISPLAY IS NOT LISIBLEAwaiting receipt of timer
Coquitlam, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/Aheating up slowly (sometimes) Relay element is suspectReplaced with new in-stock timer
Queensville, OntarioFrigidairecgeb30s8cs1318010701N/APower failure in area due to car accident when power was restored the wall oven control board would not light up. I suspect a transformer failure due to windings discoloured on one side. The transformer has been replaced previously after as similar occurrence.Awaiting receipt of timer
gatineau, QuébecFrigidairecfeb786jgs2318010701N/Avari broil not workingRepaired
BIBLE HILL, Nova ScotiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CS1318010701F1F1 codeReplaced with reconditioned timer
Victoria, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCGEB2757CB1318010701N/Aoven botton element will not come on when using BAKE but top element will.
tried new element but that is not the problem. Apliance repairman said needed new timer
Replaced with new in-stock timer
Port Hardy, British ColumbiaFrigidairecgeb27s7cb1318010701N/Aoven broiler not functioning, but tests okay. no burnt wires. tester points to control panel problemRepaired
Richelieu, QuébecFrigidaireoven318010701N/ABase element not heating more than 100 degreAwaiting receipt of timer

Laval, QuébecFrigidaireCFEB786JGB318010701N/AThe display does not light up.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Montréal, QuébecFrigidaireFrigidaire professional series (2002)318010701No failure code.We call for service and they said it's the timer. The top element work but not the bottom one and the one at the back (middle). There is no heat for those two element. When we start bake there is little heat because there is a cycle that also use the top element but it gain like 50oC in one hour.Awaiting receipt of timer
Trois-Rivieres, QuébecFrigidaireCPEB30S8A318010701N/Aall offAwaiting receipt of timer
Chicoutimi, QuébecFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701NONEThe bottom element didn't work . When i click on the bake button, i can see on the wallplate bake is on and i can set the temperature and i can hear the click inside the control but the element refuse to heat. If i cancel the bake operation and start broiling. I can see on the wallplate broiling is on, then hearing the click inside the control and the broil element heat correctly. After (contact us) by e-mail, your answer was : In order to confirm the diagnosis,disconnect the wire from BA put it on BR and activate broil.Ir the bake element comes on then you know that the board is bad. The result is : Exactly like you said, the bake element come on, so the board is bad. Can you repair my board please. Thank You !Repaired
Belle River, OntarioFrigidaireCFEB786JGS2318010701N/AAlready sent this info in the timer packageRepaired
Montréal, QuébecFrigidaireFrigidaire professional series (2002)318010701No failure code.We call for service and they said it's the timer. The top element work but not the bottom one and the one at the back (middle). There is no heat for those two element. When we start bake there is little heat because there is a cycle that also use the top element but it gain like 50oC in one hour.Awaiting receipt of timer
Lac-kenogami, QuébecFrigidairecgeb27s7as1318010701N/Aoven only works in grill modeBeyond Repair
Hantsport, Nova ScotiaKenmorec970 418826318010701no codeOven will not increase in heat after the setting has been selected. The display is held at a constant 100 degrees. There is a clicking noise, indicating the oven wants to increase in heat, but something will not let it.Repaired
St-Lazare, QuébecFrigidairecgeb27s7cs1318010701N/AOnly broil works, bake and convection don't. Repair tech came and said it was the issue...Repaired
EMBRO, OntarioElectroluxCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/ABottom element does not come on. Everything else works.
Please repair & return if possible.

I will return the (replacement) part I received on Oct 5 after I install the repaired item.
(re Invoice 104908)
Burrnaby, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCPEB30S8CC1318010701N/AThe upper element in the oven is working fine but Lower element in the oven is not working.
Technicain suggested that the timer is not working and need to be replaced
Replaced with reconditioned timer
Port Hardy, British ColumbiaFrigidairecgeb27s7cb1318010701N/Aoven broiler not functioning, but tests okay (new broiler element did not fix problem). No burnt or loose wires. Tester points to control panel problem.Repaired
Nelson, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCPEB30S8CC2318010701.N/AOven lower element does not workRepaired
Whitby, OntarioFrigidaireElectrolux318010701N/AI have "Broil" but no "Bake" and no "Convection" Heat. I have checked the fuses. I have replaced the bottom element. An appliance repair man told me it has no power from E7 to E9.Repaired
Pembroke, OntarioElectroluxcgeb27s7cs1318010701noneOven intermittently comes up to temperature and if it does does not always stay at temp. When working element turns read and oven heats quickly. When it doesn't it sometimes comes up slowly, but not always.Repaired
Prince Albert, SaskatchewanFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701noneboth Bake and Broil elements not heating.
Convection fan, door lock working, and light working
Replaced with reconditioned timer
North Vancouver, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCPEB30S8CC2318010701N/ABake & convection bake relays not workingAwaiting receipt of timer
Brandon, ManitobaFrigidaire318010701N/ANot applicableReplaced with new in-stock timer
Grand Bay, New BrunswickFrigidairecgeb27s7cb1318010701noneall functions of the timer work except the bake and convection elements dont come on, there is no 120v when the bake element is suppose to be working on the output of the control card for this element. The oven actually heats up to temperature with the broil element.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Victoria, B.C., British ColumbiaFrigidaireCGEB2757CB1318010701N/Aoven bottom element stays cold, top element heats up to 240. Appliance repairman did say a new timer was needed.Replaced with new in-stock timer
BIBLE HILL, Nova ScotiaFrigidairecgeb275318010701N/Awon't heatRepaired
Saint John, New BrunswickFrigidairecgeb27s7cs1318010701N/ARepaired
Delhi, OntarioFrigidairecgeb27s7cb318010701f3f3 error, oven will not start up, heat up, if you can not fix this timer we will take a new or rebuilt timer from your inventory.

Frididaire SN: nf62722721

Clark Chernak
Tel: 519-512-2005
Awaiting receipt of timer
Calgary, AlbertaFrigidaireCFEB789JGS3318010701F1 and sometimes F3We first started getting errors with the oven a couple of years ago when it occasionally would give us an F3 error while using the broil function. If we'd press cancel and try again, the error would often come back as either an F3 or an F1. After the initial period the errors came without using the broil and with time the F1 became more common and towards the end F1 was the only error code coming up.
Before we decided to disconnect the oven all together we started getting the F1 immediately when turning the oven on and even when the oven wasn't in use, e.g. in the middle of the night or when we weren't home at all.
At this point we haven't used the oven in a couple of months and the power for it has been disconnected.
KELOWNA, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCFEB786JGB318010701clock is blankclock is blankRepaired
Durham, OntarioElectroluxCPEB30SCC2318 010 701noneAfter a auto clean of the oven. The oven is no longer heating up beyond about 80C.Repaired
calgary, AlbertaFrigidairecgeb27s7cb1318010701N/Adoes not work on broil or bakeRepaired
Drummondville, QuébecFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701F-1Code F-1 with a bip sound.Awaiting receipt of timer
Brownsburg Chatham, QuébecFrigidairecgeb27s7as1318010701N/Aoven bake and convection will not heat..elements are OK.Awaiting receipt of timer
Mayne Island, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701n/aThe bake relay is faulty. Also the display is dimming.Repaired
Glace Bay, Nova ScotiaFrigidaireCGEB30S8CS1318010701NoneNo heat on broil or clean. Service man said it was the control board.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Port Coquitlam, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCBEG30S8CB1318010701BAKE will not heat -Bake will not heat properly (I beleive convection is not heat too, but fan works). No voltage to burners. Repair tech says one relay is not working.Repaired
St Basile le Grand, QuébecFrigidairecgeb27s7cb1318010701N/Atimer is burnAwaiting receipt of timer
Aldergrove, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCPEB30S8CC2318010701N/ALower heating element is no working. There is no power supplied to element.Awaiting receipt of timer
vancouver, British ColumbiaFrigidairecgeb27s7cb1318010701N/Abake element does not heat.Repaired
Cookshire, QuébecFrigidaireCFEB786JGS318010701F1-F3Get error code F1 or F3 after couple minutes and won't turn back on. Shutting breaker off & back on will solve problem then error code returns after couple minutes. Checked oven probe sensor and reads resistance of 1080ohm at room temperature.Repaired
waterloo, OntarioFrigidaireCPEB30S8CC2318010701N/Adoes not heat, show power on dis play if try to change any thing it wont do kind of frozenBeyond Repair
St. John's, Newfoundland and LabradorFrigidaireCPEB30S8AC2318010701F1 intermittentoven elements not heatingAwaiting receipt of timer
Richmond, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/AOven won't heat up, control panel clicks, broil worksRepaired
Three Hills, AlbertaFrigidaireCFEB786JGS2318010701N/AUnable to read display. unable to control temperature. stays at one temperatureAwaiting receipt of timer
Jemseg, New BrunswickFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701none were displayedHad a appliance repair man in to inspect, elements were not heating up. Repair man checked over everything and found there was no damage to any parts that just the oven timer/clock was not putting out power to the relays. He checked and found that frigidaire does not make these parts anymore and there are no substitutes available.Awaiting receipt of timer
Saskatoon, SaskatchewanFrigidaireCGEB2757CS1318010701noneThe broiler burner stopped work. A repair technician diagnosed failure of the timer unit.Repaired
l'Étang du Nord, QuébecElectrolux318010701N/AElement du bas ne chauffe pasRepaired
Alexabdria, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7CS1318010701N/Aall digits completely lit up, push controls do not workReplaced with reconditioned timer
North Bay, OntarioFrigidaire318010701N/Atemperature display is so light can't be readAwaiting receipt of timer
Chetwynd, British ColumbiaElectroluxCGEB27S7CS1318010701noneBake element does not heat. Broil element cycles as per program. No error codes are evident. Did notice an internal scorch mark top left of display after timer was removed.Repaired
sudbury, OntarioFrigidaire318010701F1 F3F1 AND F3 ALARMAwaiting receipt of timer

Richards Landing, OntarioFrigidaire318010701F1Came home to find oven beeping and displaying -f1- code. Turned off breaker overnight to see if reset would help. No more error code, but it's as though the down button is sticking on. Won't allow any functionality.Awaiting receipt of timer
Victoria, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7A318010701F3oven heats up then F3 error code appears and will not resetRepaired
Brossard, QuébecFrigidaireGallery318010701N/AF-1 code,stop heatReplaced with reconditioned timer
Spruce Grove, AlbertaFrigidaireCGEB30S8CB1318010701N/ALower (bake) element not working. Fault diagnosis confirms that the element is working - only the bake circuit is failed. All other control functions are working.Repaired
Hope, BC, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7Cb1318010701n/abake and convection functions not working
elements are fine
broil function works fine
checked for voltage to element, was none
took apart EOC and found burnt solder on bake element relay. repaired and stove worked once but not working again
Replaced with reconditioned timer
Edmonton, AlbertaFrigidairecgeb27s7cs1318010701N/ANothing works in ovenRepaired
Repentigny, QuébecFrigidaireCPEB30S8CC1318010701F1Top element works, but bottom element does not.
Also receive F1 error code occasionally.
Okanagan Falls, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCPEB39S8CC2318010701no code appeared,onlon the key pad as it is a touch pad:right hand side timer and clock work, scroll up down- work
left hand side of the touch pad the oven light works. Broil and Bake do not work
Awaiting receipt of timer
Oak Bay, New BrunswickFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701Broiler does not worBroiler does not work.Repaired
Cayuga, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7CS1318010701N/ALower element not working, on bake cycle broiler comes and off but no power from output "BA" to lower heating element at any time. Suspect relay K2 not functioning properly.Repaired
Campbellville, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7AB1318010701N/AOven stopped working while baking. Removed timer and soldered one connection. Oven worked for a few weeks. Then, turned on intermittently a few times. First only the top element came on. Now oven will not turn on at all. Noticed one relay looks to have overheated.Repaired
dollard-des-ormeaux, QuébecFrigidaireFrigidaire wall oven CPEB30S8AC1318010701F3 and F1After working about 10-15 min, F3 message and F1 sometimes. Oven will beep intermittently until we press on cancel button.Repaired
Saskatoon, SaskatchewanElectroluxCPEB30S8CC2318010701N/ANo power to bake element.Repaired
Gatineau, QuébecFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB2318010701UnknownTenant started self-clean with over door open, then let the self clean program run until the end. The oven stayed in locked position, fan runs constantly (while door open) and electronic control no longer responds to anything. Tried turning breaker off then on, keeping it off for 30 minutes and more, but oven status remained unchanged once back on.Timer inspected, no repairs necessary
Barrie, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701F1Try to start oven and it comes up with F1 codeRepaired
Dowling, OntarioFrigidairecpeb30s8cc2318010701?????bottom element dont work and it checks okAwaiting receipt of timer
Montréal, QuébecFrigidairecpeb30s8cc2318010701No LED DisplayNo LED Display. If several buttons are pressed simultaneously, the "On" sign flickers quickly and disappears and a light electrical buzz sound can be heard coming from the timer.

Touch pad unresponsive.Oven can only be turned on and off with the electrical breaker (or by removing the power plug).

When power plugged oven will broil automatically, without any action from our part. No bake.

Before being totally broken, the oven could stop working from time to time (no more LED display, touch pad unresponsive), but switching the breaker was sufficient to make it work again, until now.
Beyond Repair
WEST VANCOVER, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCPEB30S8CC2318010701N/AThe lower burner in the oven does not work, but the broiler works. Apparently the cooling fan is also not functioning.Repaired
Mount Albert, OntarioFrigidaireCFEB386JGS2318010701N/AThe connection burnt off where oven connects to the wire from the panel. After it was repaired the was no power to the bake element or convection. Broil element seems to work. Elements test good. Tried replacing the bake relay as one of the pins seemed to be burnt off.Still didn't work.Repaired
Wolfville, Nova ScotiaElectroluxFrigidaire318010701N/AOur wall oven stopped working in the midst of cooking a meal. The light comes on when the door is open and the fan runs (have to shut the breaker off or the fan runs continuously). Nothing else on the system seems to work (all touch sensors and nothing shows on the panel when power is on).Repaired
Amherst, Nova ScotiaFrigidaireFrigidaire Gallery/CGEB27S7AS1318010701F3The timer had intermittent faults (F4 and F3) for the past year and would clear if we powered the unit down and then re-powered it and them reprogramed the time but now the timer shows an F3 code constantly and the oven will not function.Repaired
Chetwynd, British ColumbiaElectroluxCGEB27S7CS1318010701noneBake element does not come on - broil, top element does cycle. Pulled bake element out and tested had 25K resistance - element should be good.Repaired
L'Ange-Gardien, QuébecFrigidairecfeb389wec8318010701F-1 and F-3The oven is often stopping and F-3 code is showing. Some times, we also have F-1.Repaired
Calgary, AlbertaFrigidaireCPEB30S8AC1318010701F1 and F3The Oven turns on, but once it reaches a high temperature, it beeps and F1 or F3, usually F3 is displayed. Ounce that happens we just turn it off. been like this for about a month.Awaiting receipt of timer
Tillsonburg, OntarioFrigidaireCPEB30S8AC1318010701F3Will try to heat but gives an F3 at about 220 degrees.Clicks loudly as it increments heat by 5 degrees.Replaced with reconditioned timer
kitchener, OntarioFrigidairecpeb30s8cc2318010701N/ANot workingAwaiting receipt of timer
Québec, QuébecFrigidaireCGEB27CS1318010701N/ABAKE DON'T WORKAwaiting receipt of timer
Brechin, OntarioFrigidaireCPEB30s8CC2318010701N/ABurnt relayBeyond Repair
Winnipeg, ManitobaFrigidaireCGEB30S8AB1318010701NoneMy bake element stopped working with no 'F' error code. I swapped out the broil wire and bake wire on the EOC, and the bake element glowed red.Repaired
Richmond, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/ABroiler works. Oven won't heat. control unit clicks.Repaired
KAMLOOPS, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCFEB789WFC1318010701F3 & DIMM DISPLAYF3 AND DIM DISPLAYRepaired
Anglemont, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/Ano voltage to broil element there is voltage to the relay and I hear it click but no output to the elementRepaired
Saskatoon, SaskatchewanFrigidaireCGEB27S7 CB2318010701N/AOven will not hold temp when baking // broil option works greatRepaired
St-Stanislas-de-Champlain, QuébecFrigidaireGallery Series318010701N/AWhen the oven is powered all symbols and digits of the LCD are ON. It's also impossible to control anything on the oven.Beyond Repair
glen haven, Nova ScotiaFrigidairecgeb27s7cb1318010701N/Alower back element won't workRepaired
L'Ange-Gardien, QuébecFrigidaireCFEB389WEC8318010701F1 & F3Poor baking power. Sometime, having hard time reaching temperature and F1 & F3 code appears.Repaired
Brentwood Bay, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCGEB30S8CB1318010701N/AHeard a pop, noticed panel was completely blank. Oven light works, no circuits are or were tripped, just timer model dead. Notice a small black spot on the upper left hand corner of the class module for the display.Beyond Repair
Repentigny, QuébecFrigidaireCPEB30S8CC1318010701F1TOP ELEMENT WORKS,BUT BOTTOM ELEMENT DOES NOT..I occasionally receive the "F1" error code.Repaired
Neebing, OntarioFrigidaireCFEB386JGS2318010701nonedeadRepaired
Ariss, OntarioFrigidaireNF11213218318010701F1-F3Temp of in wall oven will raise to about 360 F then shut down with either an F1 or F3 code. Temperature probe was replaced but still same issue.Repaired
Red Deer, AlbertaFrigidaire27' CGEB27s318010701noneBottom burner - bake option, convection options are not heating - no heat to burner. Over will not get above 150 degrees. Top element - broil still works fine. All buttons seem to be working fine. Problem seems to have occurred either immediately after, or soon after a oven self-clean cycle.Repaired
Washago, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB30S8CB1318010701no failure codeEverything works except bake element. Bake element tested ok and I even tried a new element.Repaired
burnaby, British ColumbiaFrigidaire318010701N/ANo heating.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Brossard, QuébecFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701no failure codeit's not heating anymore.
first Broil went off and a couple of months later bake is not working neither.
I checked elements: it's fine
I checked relays: BR BA L1 and the tests failed.
Calgary, AlbertaFrigidaire-318010701-Broil works. Heat does not. Checked circuit with voltage meter and it delivers no power to bottom element.Repaired
Port Hardy, British ColumbiaFrigidaire3GEB27S7CS1318010701NoneBake and convection not working. No power from Ba on board when bake activatedRepaired
Bonny RIver, New BrunswickKenmoreUnknow318010701NoneTimer kicks out when oven is in use and when and it is not in use. When reset it could last for a week or for five minutes. there is no reason to it.Awaiting receipt of timer
Saskatoon, SaskatchewanFrigidaireCFEB786JGS2318010701N/ATimer/Clock does not light up. Function buttons relating to timer do not beep when pressed. All other function buttons beep when pressed. Both elements work, as does the oven light.Repaired
Mississauga, OntarioFrigidaireCFEB789WFC1 FRIDGIDAIRE318010701N/AThe elements are not receiving power. We suspect the relays (Black Cubes) are not working.Repaired
Eel river crossing, New BrunswickFrigidaireGallery318010701N/AnoAwaiting receipt of timer
Sydney, Nova ScotiaFrigidaireCPEB30S8CC1318010701F1 and F3Burn mark in upper left front corner of timer displayReplaced with reconditioned timer
Surrey, British ColumbiaFrigidaire318010701noneno function/no display. assuming no powerRepaired
Ochre River, ManitobaFrigidaireCGEB30S8C318010701N/ABroil works. No heat from convection or main element. Elements tested and not the problem.
1 relay replaced that controls both convection and main element and not the problem.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Wawa, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7C318010701f 1The problem has been intermittent but now we cannot get the oven to heat.Repaired
elkford, British ColumbiaFrigidaire318010701N/AAll 3 elements dont work. Narrowed it down to the 2 relays on the back but need whole timerAwaiting receipt of timer
calgary, AlbertaFrigidaire318010701N/Adim displayAwaiting receipt of timer
Napanee, OntarioFrigidaire318010701N/AThe oven does not heat upRepaired
Winnipeg, ManitobaFrigidaire318010701N/ANo display timer is buzzing had power surgeAwaiting receipt of timer
Belleville, OntarioFrigidaireCPEB30S8CC2318010701N/AThis is the 2nd time my 2004 Oven has had the problem of bottom element not heating. Element appears fine and Sears service replaced the timer in 2008. Now he says timer is shot again but new ones are NLA.Beyond Repair
BLIND BAY, British ColumbiaFrigidaire318030038-MEM-A-086318010701N/ABoth heating elements don"t work,but are not burnt out.Awaiting receipt of timer
Hudson, QuébecFrigidaire318010701DEADwhen on autocleaning mode, the timer went non responsive (we still have visual) ; door is locked (still even after shutting down electricity and bringing it back) ; cooling fan is running and the autocleaning cycle seems to have never gone onAwaiting receipt of timer
Vaughan, OntarioFrigidaireCPEB30S8CC2318010701N/ABOTTOM HEATING ELEMENT IS NOT WORKINGAwaiting receipt of timer
Selkirk, ManitobaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701not showing anyoven stopped heating to proper temperature, and took a long time to heat at first, then stopped heating altogether. bottom element stopped working first, then broiler element also stopped. clock and oven light continued working. no failure codes ever showed.Repaired
Campbellcroft, OntarioFrigidaireCPEB30S8CC2318010701nonelow voltage to the bake element, broil works okay.Repaired
St.Albert, AlbertaFrigidaireCGEB30S8AB1318010701N/Atraditional baking function will not work. Convection baking and broiling still function properly.Repaired
sarnia, OntarioFrigidairecfb786jgs2318010701N/Ablank screenRepaired
elliot lake, OntarioFrigidairecfeb786jgs3318010701N/ADigital oven temp was dull put on self clean cleaned oven ok turned oven on after heard a puff sound ditial went blank clock went blank oven light still works can it be repaired thanksBeyond Repair
elliot lake, OntarioFrigidairecfeb786jgs3318010701N/ADigital oven temp was dull put on self clean cleaned oven ok turned oven on after heard a puff sound ditial went blank clock went blank oven light still works can it be repaired thanksBeyond Repair
Cochrane, AlbertaElectroluxcgeb27s7cs1318010701noneOven won't heat up on bake or convection bake. Broil seems to work ok.Repaired
Maple Ridge, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCFEB389WEC7318010701F1 and F3Oven works using bake if used 20 mins or less. If used longer then get F1 or F3 message have seen both. Then oven shuts off. Can sometimes cancel and reset and will work for a few more minutes but then will send F1 or F3 message again and shut off. Recently it would not turn back on after I cancelled. Shut off at breaker and could reset but then error message again shortly after. Recently tried the convection method and ran for 30 min with no error message. Not sue if I would have gotten the error msg if I ran for longer than 30 min. Sensor probe has been tested and is functioning properly.Repaired
barrie,ontario, OntarioFrigidairecfeb786jgb331801070318010701f3DISPLAY LIGHT DIM DIFICULT TOREAD,OVEN UP FOR 20 MINUTES SHUTS DOWN AND BEEPS DISPLAYING F3Repaired
Timmins, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7CS1318010701N/ABake element does not work
Convection element does not work

I checked the heat sensor and it registered 1180. I checked elements for continuity and there was continuity (about 27 ohms on bake element, convection element 23 ohms).
Thornlea, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland and LabradorFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/Ano power being delivered to the elements. everything else works, you can still hear the oven clicking like the temp. is rising. service man said it was the thermal switch/breaker but replaced that one and when I changed it out I tested the old one and it was still good, so he wasted my time and money. so I tested everything else with the meter and everything seemed o.k. except the temp probe, would that cause this problem, if not I guess it is the timer. Tried to call you guys today but got the machine and left a message. the oven isn't showing any codes at all. BEFORE YOU GUYS SEND ME ANYTHING CAN YOU LET ME KNOW IF YOU GUYS THINK THAT THIS IS THE PROBLEM OR NOTAwaiting receipt of timer
Tsawwassen, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCFBEB389WEC2318010701BlankNo Power to timer, blank face.Repaired
Williams Lake, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CS1318010701no codeBroil worked. Bake and convection bake did not work. Convection fan would run.
When control turned onto bake or convection a click could be heard in the control after a few seconds.
Calgary, AlbertaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CS1318010701F1Fan keeps running And the door is locked.Repaired
New Hamburg, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701NoneMain oven element will not turn on or heat up the oven. We had a repair man test the oven and he determined that the element was ok, and therefore isolated the problem to the control panel/timer.Repaired
Cambridge, OntarioFrigidaire318010701N/ABake/Convection Relay not working on oven and Clock not working. Showing Zeros.Awaiting receipt of timer
Burnaby, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/AFailure on broiler elementRepaired
Richmond, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCPEB30S8CC2318010701F1Will not work keep beepingAwaiting receipt of timer
Seddons Corner, ManitobaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/ABake and convection element not workingAwaiting receipt of timer
Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Nova ScotiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CS1318010701circuit board issuecontrol panel will not engage bottom elementAwaiting receipt of timer
Miscouche, Prince Edward IslandFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/AOven does not reach temperature. sometimes it works but most times it doesnt.Repaired
Surrey, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCPEB30S8CC2318010701F 1Oven does not heat up properly, very slow and only to a low temperature.Repaired
Tsawwassen, British ColumbiaFrigidaireFridgidare318010701blankBlank display, timer not working.Repaired
Hamilton, OntarioFrigidaireCFEB386JGS2318010701N/AClock display was going dim then totally out.Repaired
Camrose, AlbertaFrigidaireCPEB30S8CC2318010701N/ABake element not workingAwaiting receipt of timer
Napanee, OntarioFrigidaire318010701N/AThe oven wont heat up.Repaired
Calgary, AlbertaFrigidaireCPEB30S8AC1318010701N/AConvection Bake does not work, just regular bakeRepaired
Galiano Island, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCPEB30S8CC1318010701noneSet up the timer clock. Put oven into self-clean mode, and the relay output contacts blew. When I purchased this oven used, I tried the oven out. Oven turned on a heated to the correct temperature in about 10 minutes. All lights on as normal, display indicated all was well. Brought it home, set the clock, pressed the button for self clean, and bang!Beyond Repair
Calgary, AlbertaFrigidaireCpEB30S8AC1318010701N/AConvection Back mode does not work, regular bake mode does workRepaired
Combermere, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB2757CB1318010701N/AOven does not heat up from the bottom element. Repair man says board (timer )needs repair.
Thank you,
R McLean
Sydney, Nova ScotiaFrigidaireCPEB30S8CC1318010701F1Oven works for awhile and then an F1 code will appear, reset the oven and it will work again for a period then F1 appears again with some F3 codes. The temperature sensor (F3) was replaced with a new unit and tests fine at 1089 ohms. The old one tested fine as well.Repaired
St Prosper, QuébecFrigidaireCFEB786JGS2318010701N/Aemet un bruit continueAwaiting receipt of timer
Hamilton, OntarioElectroluxgaller series318010701N/ALower heaqt element will not come on, broiler unit works fine but can't be controlledRepaired
North View, New BrunswickElectroluxCGEB30S8CS1318010701N/AOven will not maintain set heatAwaiting receipt of timer
Delta, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCGEB30S8CB1318010701N/AHeats to about 350 then stops intermittentRepaired
Wembley, AlbertaElectroluxcgb30s8cs1318010701??no heat on convection and bake, oven heats up in an hr or so do to the broil clicking on and of every 2 or 3 minutesRepaired
Steinbach, ManitobaFrigidaireN/A318010701N/AblankRepaired
Pierrefonds, QuébecFrigidaireCGEB27s7as1318010701N/Afixed once before for oven relay. Now broil is not working and mayeb a problem with convection (might be external relay or motor ... not sre until take apart)Awaiting receipt of timer
Steinbach, ManitobaFrigidaireunavailable318010701N/ABlankRepaired
Cornwall, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7CS1318010701N/ABake element does not turn on . Output from the relay is not working. For testing I swapped the output with the Broil relay on the circuit board and the Bake element heated up . I suspect the bake relay on the circuit board is faulty.Repaired
Laval, QuébecFrigidaireCFEB786JGB2318010701F1 has appeared one Fan is always working
The door is locked
Unable to use the oven (bake or grill)
Montreal, QuébecFrigidaireCGEB30S8CS1318010701noneoven will not heat past 100. broiler (top element) works.Repaired
Chateauguay, QuébecFrigidaireCGEB27S7CS1318010701noneFor a few days only the broil worked, then the control flashed and smoked and nothing worked after. The three elements and fans have been verified, but nothing else.Awaiting receipt of timer
Langley, B.C., British ColumbiaFrigidairecpeb30s8ac2318010701N/Athe broiler doesn't workAwaiting receipt of timer
Wembley, AlbertaElectroluxcgb30s8cs1318010701??no heat on convection and bake, oven heats up in an hr or so do to the broil clicking on and of every 2 or 3 minutesRepaired
Quebec, QuébecFrigidairecpeb30s8cc2318010701N/ABroil element (no Element,broil ,2750 W) not working, element has been checked and is ok. the clean program and broil not working, that is because the Relay (no 318112701) isfailedAwaiting receipt of timer
Vancouver, British ColumbiaFrigidairePLEB30S8CC318010701bake relayBAKE ELEMENT DO NOT WORKE.Awaiting receipt of timer
Luskville, QuébecFrigidaire318010701N/Aconvection, broil, bake will not workRepaired
Edmonton, AlbertaFrigidaireCGEB30S8CB1318010701No code.Bake element of oven will not heat up. Element has been tested for resistance and according to other internet posts, it is well in spec.

Voltage across bake element terminals is around ~50 volts whereas the voltage across the broil element is 240V when the oven is on.

Broil element will heat up without issue.
North Vancouver, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCPEB30S8CC2318010701N/ARelay that controls bake element is burned out.Awaiting receipt of timer
Halfmooon Bay, British ColumbiaFrigidairecgeb27s7cb1318010701N/Abake element not working broil etc does workRepaired
Deep River, OntarioFrigidairecpeb30s8cc2318010701N/Abake will not work broil works okReplaced with reconditioned timer
elliot lake, OntarioFrigidairecfeb786jgs3318010701N/ADigital oven temp was dull put on self clean cleaned oven ok turned oven on after heard a puff sound ditial went blank clock went blank oven light still works can it be repaired thanksBeyond Repair
Cochrane, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7CS1318010701noneBake and convection not functioning. Broil functioning.Repaired
Middle Sackville, Nova ScotiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7AS1318010701F1 AND F3At first only one code mainly would show I think F1. I changed out the high limit and it seemed to be good for awhile. Then F1 and F3 started appearing and wont reset.Awaiting receipt of timer
Ottawa, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7CS1318010701F1Set oven to bake at 400F. Element turns on, then
temperature reading starts going up very fast,
reaches 400F while oven is still cold.
Temperature sensor seems to be working, reads
1kOhm at room temperature.
Timer inspected, no repairs necessary
Trois-Rivièeres, QuebecFrigidaireCGEB27S7CS1318010701noneThe bake element is good (tested by a technician) but do not heat anymore. The broil element is heating.Awaiting receipt of timer
Québec, QuebecFrigidairecpeb30s8cc2 318010701nonenot getting any heat from bottom. broil is good, thermostat also.Repaired
Ottawa, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7CS1318010701F1Set oven to bake at 400F. Element turns on, then temperature reading starts going up very fast, reaches 400F while oven is still cold.
Temperature sensor seems to be working, reads 1kOhm at room temperature.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Vancouver, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7C5318010701N/ABroil works no bakeRepaired
St. John's, Newfoundland and LabradorFrigidaireCGEB27S7CS1318010701nonedisplay and all operation is dead. Signs of arcing inside display circuit board halfs.Awaiting receipt of timer
Ancaster, OntarioElectroluxCGEB27S7CB1318010701NoneBake element will not energize.Repaired
Ancaster, OntarioElectroluxCGEB27S7CB1318010701NoneBake element will not energize.Repaired
Perth, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB2318010701N/ABottom element not heating upRepaired
Harrow, OntarioFrigidaireCGE B27S7CB13180107013Set at 350 degrees oven continued to increase in temperature to mor than 500 and then set up a loud noise. When rebooted, it did the same.Repaired
Toronto, OntarioFrigidaireCPEB30S8CC2318010701NoneThe lower heating element (Bake heating element) not working. All other parts including the fan and top heating element are working.Repaired
Durham, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7CS1318010701Error Code 3 I belieOverheating/no temp control. I have already replaced the temp probe.Repaired
Keswick, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701noneno heating, checked temp prope over 1 k ohm, temp thermal breaker reset, both elements good, and door lock switch ok. board moduals making noise but releases after start on shows on screen. It started failing with one element failing and now after a few months both elements do not heat up.Repaired
Laval, QuebecFrigidaireCGEB27S7CS1318010701N/ANo heatAwaiting receipt of timer
Pictou, Nova ScotiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CS1318010701unknownThe oven reaches a certain temperature on bake (280) and goes no higher. Broil works.Repaired
Seguin, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB30S8AS1318010701N/Abake element does not workRepaired
Coquitlam, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCPEB30S8CC2318010701Top heating element Top heating element not working; top heating element was newly replaced.Awaiting receipt of timer
Salmon Arm, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7AS1318010701F1 AND F3Starts and works great for a short time then goes off and shows F1 or F3 error code. If the power is cycled it will do the same but possibly for a different amount of time before same error.Repaired